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Buckle up, SR25/AR-10/M14/SCAR-H triple magasin panel

Compact front-panel designed by 8FIELDS, a company producing modern tactical equipment for the active shooter. Made of high-quality 1000D Polyester, characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and thanks to PU finish, resistance to snow and water. Magazine pouch can hold 7.62/.308 (SR25/AR-10/HK417/M14/G3/FAL/SCAR-H/SSR) magazines or many other accessories. The open design provides fast reload and a additional rubber cord with a comfortable grip protects magazine from falling. 

Compatible with all Buckle Up platforms. 

This system allows you to prepare yourself in a few seconds depending on the equipment you need.

The magazine pouch comes from the 8FIELDS product line, which was made using the highest quality CORDURA® 1000D material.

CORDURA is a modern material that is extremely durable, resistant to abrasion and tearing, is very light and at the same time waterproof.

The original durable CORDURA® fabric, designed for durability and created for intensive use - has proven itself in many of the harshest conditions in the world. Made of high-tenacity nylon yarn.

* Durable - excellent wear resistance
* Strong - excellent tear strength
* Hydrophobicity - repels water and does not absorb it

The pouch is sold without visible magazines.

Bælter, Hylstre, Molle
Anvendelse Magasin
Ekstra 3 stk. magasinlomme
Højre/venstre Begge
Materiale 1000D Polyester
Produkttype Lommer & tasker
Type Magasin

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Tags: Buckle up, Magasinlomme, SR25, M14, G3, HK417, Scar

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